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"It's what's on the outside that counts!"
Keeping it simple: Beauty on the outside, raw materials on the inside. Why use all of that extra material for something that you don't even see? It not only helps prevent waste from extra materials, but it also keeps the costs down to produce, which means I can keep the cost down for YOU! I use recycled items as much as possible.

Being gore-geous AND helping the environment? Now that's beauty, inside and out.

All items are 100% handmade, either from scratch or upcycled, and I try to have everything constructed from recycled materials.

Items including animal products are stated with or without; includes human items (bone).

Always accepting custom orders, contact to discuss your idea!



Currently accepting TFP shoots. If you are interested shoot me a line; I am not interested in anything other than dark themed/victorian/dark art/macabre etc. IE No swimsuit, summer, casual, natural, pin-up, car, or otherwise mainstream idea. 

PAID shoots are worth your while; I provide my own makeup, wardrobe, hair, and accessories etc. You'll need the studio (if applicable), lighting, camera equipment, and whatever else has to do with your shooting needs. Contact me for my rates. 



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