Couple's Corner 
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Spookyempire thing

The Art Army (participate in occasional art events as an art model) 
Academy of Payne (no longer active; volunteer and artist), interior designer) 
Art of Perego (participated in a fashion show, and an art show involving Perego) 
Spooky Empire (represent Spooky Empire at other conventions; volunteer at home convention, promote during the year)

Academy of Payne (crew, fake participant in challenge show, artist, exaggerated version of self)

Red Thread  (short film)
Beyond the Quest ; prostitute#2 , IMDB

The Consequences (short film)  IMDB
How to Fit In at a Motorcycle Rally (self)
Spooky Empire at Orlando's Dia De Los Muertos event (interview) 

Fan Art

For quotes on a custom piece, to schedule a shoot, hire for an event, music related discussion, or general inquiries, fill out the contact form and you will receive a response shortly.

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